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Things I Am:

Open Minded
+ Stubborn
A Decent Friend
Very Open
Act older than my age
Pharmacy Intern
Wicked Awesome ;)
Ditsy sometimes, but in a cute way!

Things I Love:

My cat Hazel
Video Games
David Bowie
80's Music
South Oakland
Pittsburgh Cafe
Tanning Beds
Flat screen TV's
Emperor Penguins
A.G. Bear
Things that smell good
Gold Jewelery
Pony Lounge
Long conversations
My Humps
Wifes, Fingers & Fag Hags
Chex Mix
taking pictures
Music that makes me think a lot
Cute clothes
Shoes...lots of'em, but mostly black high heels

List of Things I Miss (up-dated a lot):

dirty South oakland
India garden buffet with Jenn
Late night somosas with Ron
-and dancing to kick ass indian music (specifically Bunty Aur Babli -Kajra Re)
south side bar hopping with Amanda
that Moose bar with Jenn and Dave Dave
Shady side and Peters Pub with Laura
Country Night @ Peters Pub with Tom
Hemingways with Tom
Mr Fister
All the Crazy Nights at Matrix with Kristina, or Amanda, and even with Tom and Luba
Spring 05 and 06 Pharmacy Party Drunkedness (specifically before sick-drunk and drama-drunk set in....and especially the moments involving sexy pictures and wicked debauchery....oh and random 17teen year olds and that stupid White Castle movie)
Pitt Cafe on rainy days
Pitt Cafe with my wifey and the boys....sometimes Tom, sometimes trucker rod stewarts...just boys
oh and David Bowie's China girl
Juke Box Joplin and "my Humps"....and Thompson Twins and Cars at PCaf
Ro Ro the crazy bartender mexican
trippy pink floyd videos with Amanda at PCaf
Pitt Cafe in general :(
Squirrel Hill
Eat n Park in Sq Hill & late night studying
Wathing the L Word with my late wifey
the fox
karaoke in my livingroom w/ cool people
Walking through Presby hospital to get to my classes
Actually having to go to classes
Being a Size 2
Feeling like a princess on Nov 12th 2004 :(
Watching fireworks on Nov 19 2004 and being happy
Having more friends in RX school than I do now
Lothrop Hall
all my L hall friends
being cool
late Mcdonald trips
80s Night in oakland
80s night specifically with jenn and especially when drama, boys, or drama with boys occurred right after
working at Rite Aid with nicer people
being carefree
that night at the schenely park playground
the fall of 2004
the summer of 2004
Holland Hall
ice cream and body butter with Colleen
the begining of my pittsburgh life....
working in the chemistry lab
Mr Havrilla
study nights with Tim and his twin Marc
getting 4.0 grade point averages
walking all the way dooown to the engineering and science building for my 4 hour organic chem labsbeing the french maid at the UPJ costume party and hanging out with the pimp Dustin (i forget his name :(  )
 these days
Feb 7th 2002
March 7th/9th of 2002
being ignorant of things
the trip to niagra falls with ron
the beautiful fairytale campus of pitt at johnstown
actually being happy to wake up in the morning
and actually being happy to go to class
everything about upj

being sure of my life
being sure of my future
being sure of myself!

.....before everything changed.....

spring cleaning.....

Please respond to this entry to stay on my friends list. I seem to have a lot of friends and hardly anyone comments...which makes me think that hardly anyone reads my entries (and I am done with clutter). So comment to this please to stay on my list. :-p If I already know you read my shit and you forget to respond to this I'll keep you on. :)

Anyway.....got to get ready for work right now! I'll keep this up for a day or two....


THANKS to everyone who has commented. You are all now stuck reading my entries for good now! :) I am changing this to a Public post and leaving it up for a little bit longer just in case some more people I haven't talked to in awhile decide they might miss reading my dramatic posts after all! :-p

tomorrow is my kitty's sorta brithday...

Her birthday from the day I got her, which was one year ago tomorrow! Yay. When I go back to Johnstown I am giving her a birthday party. Here are some pictures of what she looked like a year ago in this journal entry She was soooo cute and now she is such a purdy purdy baby.

These are more recent pictures!!!!

now for some pictures of me and the babyCollapse )

new kitty-kitttyyyy!!!!!! :-D

Yay!!!!! I got a new kitty and she is so cute!  I got her several days ago.  She is 8 weeks old and she is definately a lap cat.  She follws me around everywhere and jumps on my lap and purrs constantly.  She likes to lick a lot, always licking me, ron's and my mom's nose.  She is playful too and talks (meows) alot.  Sometimes when she meows nothing but an air sound comes out.  Sounds like she has laryngitis or something.....so cute.  I bought her a little kitty bed but she sleeps on the bed with me.

Oh and she loves to play with socks!!! :)



Feb. 21st, 2004

wanna see what's inside?

message me here and let me know....